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Dental implant brands

Dental implant brands

Best Dental Implants

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost? Dental implant brands

Dental implant brands, there are more then 175 different brands in Turkey. First, every case is unique. In general, however, single quality dental implants cost between 245€ to 750€ per implant in Turkey Not per procedure—but per implant. Some patients are only going to need a single implant, whereas others will need several because they’re missing multiple teeth. In Golden Smile clinic, we use highest quality well known brands as in competitive price. There are more then hundreds brand however some of best dental implants you may see following,

Note that this is only the cost of the dental implant itself. There are other costs involved including:

  • The crown (the tooth itself) – this can be custom or stock
  • The abutment (the part that connects the implant and the crown)- already included the above price
  • The cost of tooth and root extraction
  • Temporary denture if needed

Choosing the Best Dental Implants

1) Straumann

straumann implant
     straumann implant

Founded in 1954

Straumann was founded in 1954 and one of the best company. This company collaborates with many research institutes and universities and leading clinics. It is instrumental in ongoing research into implants and into the tools and equipment required during surgery, as well as tissue regeneration products that are used during procedures or to help prevent tooth loss.

Its oral tissue regeneration products are used to either support implant procedures or in preserving natural teeth after treatment for advanced periodontal disease. Its implant system components and instruments are manufactured in the United States and in Switzerland, while the dental tissue regeneration products are manufactured in Sweden. Straumann’s restorative products are made in the United States and in Europe.

Medentika by Straumann Group

Founded in 2005 in Hügelsheim, Germany. Medentika® is the leading manufacturer of compatible prosthetics. This fast-growing, agile engineering company makes German quality and precision craftsmanship affordable.

Straumann is unique in being the only leading company within this industry that offers a complete range of solutions that include surgical, restorative and regenerative products. Their range of products enables clinicians to provide a complete regenerative solution, beginning in the bone surrounding implants to the actual replacement tooth.

2) Nobel Biocare (Danaher)

best dental implants

Founded in 1981

Nobel Biocare was founded in 1981 and one of the best company in the world. The company manufactures implants and individualized prosthetics based on the very latest CADCAM technology.

Nobel Biocare’s headquarters are in Switzerland. The company focuses on manufacturing implants and products related to their placement such as abutments and restorative implants including crowns and bridges. It also sells software and scanners used for designing prosthetics for patients.

They develop software used for diagnostics and for implant treatment planning, and it produces customized surgical guides that are extremely accurate templates used during implant placement surgery. The company runs education and training programs for dental professionals in several different countries to accommodate the specific legal training requirements for clinicians in their respective countries.

3) Dentsply Sirona (Previously Astra Tech)

astra tech implant
astra tech implant

Astra Tech was founded in 1991 . The company was acquired by Dentsply Sirona for $1.8 billion. It operates as a subsidiary of Dentsply and is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts. Dentsply is an American manufacturer of dental equipment and dental consumables and its products are sold in more than 120 countries. It has factories in 21 countries and is a market leader in consumable dental products. Dentsply designs and manufactures specialty products, and this includes laboratory products relating to dental supplies. It produces anesthetics, prophylaxis used in gum disease prevention and tooth polishers. Dentsply also designs and makes artificial teeth.



4) AnyRidge-MegaGen Dental implant

anyridge-megagen dental implant
Anyridge Implant

With its patented innovative knife thread design, the AnyRidge Implant System delivers superior surgical performance, more primary stability, the ability to load immediately and better aesthetic outcomes, even in the most challenging applications.

Most importantly, AnyRidge provides a better implant experience and outcomes for the clinician and the patient, and does so at a surprisingly low cost.

S-L-A surface with Ca2+ incorporated

MegaGen has developed surface treatment based on S-L-A technique with nano layer of Ca2+ incorporated. Ion creates a CaTiO3 nanostructure on the surface, and activates osteoblasts in the live bone. The name of this unique specialized surface treatment is XPEED®

4) Direct Implant - Made in the USA

Direct implant
Direct implant - Made in USA

Founded in 2006, Implant Direct pioneered the dental implant industry’s value segment. Implant Direct was one of the first dental implant manufacturers to offer dentists dental implants via the internet at factory direct prices.

Today, Implant Direct customers can buy anytime, anywhere, any way. Customers can place orders in person with their face to face sales representative, over the phone through our dedicated Customer Service team, or 24 hours a day with our easy to use, eCommerce website.

Implant Direct continues to help dentists improve customer care and grow their practices with high quality, value priced dental implant solutions and comprehensive patient education and case acceptance training tools.

Implant Direct Manufacturing: Made in the USA

5) Bego-Bego from Germany since 1890 

Bego dental implant
    Bego dental implant

BEGO showed that, even in highly challenging times, faith in the future is the driving force behind innovation. BEGO have set a new course in order to satisfy customer’s needs with outstanding products and services. If one wishes to make the future possible, one make decisions today which will determine the success of tomorrow.

In over 100 countries, the name BEGO stands for highly-developed and high-quality products.

 Making the future possible

BEGO is a globally-operating medium-sized company with an outstanding reputation within the dental industry. Equipment and materials "Made by BEGO", the proven BEGO system und BEGO know-how are synonymous with top-quality products which combine safety and reliability.

BEGO and their employees are committed to the well-being and health of the patient.

6) IML- From Sweeden

IML swiss dental implant
IML swiss implant

 With the  quality Swiss implant, it is placed in the jawbone of the patient in accordance with the implant and is used for a long time, does not produce bacteria, does not threaten dental health.



7) Osstem and Hiossen implants


proven to provide excellent ossoinentration between the implant itself and the surrounding bone tissue. OSSTEM implant systems provide superior surface properties and have been shown to be completely free of residual material in electron microscopy examinations.


Omnitech: The   local implant brand proved itself and became one of the most preferred implant brands of dental clinics and hospitals.

Domestic  implant prices : The implant price for a single tooth in Istanbul varies according to the different price policies of dental health centers.

Dr.Ceylan Ergul

Dental implant
Nazmiye Karabağ
Nazmiye Karabağ
12. April, 2024
Anadolu yakasından gelerek diş implant ve zirkonyum kaplama yaptırdım. Tavsiye üzerine geldim ve çok memnun kaldım.
Ece Çınar Şenol
Ece Çınar Şenol
12. April, 2024
Eşimin diş beyazlatmasını yaptirdik. Diger subede de zirkonyum kaplama yaptirmistik
Agnese Blumberga
Agnese Blumberga
8. April, 2024
Great staff ,great teeths ,recommended 100%
Alparslan Selanik
Alparslan Selanik
25. March, 2024
Tşkler golden smile dent diş hekimi korkumu yendiğim yer ilgi ve alaka çok güzel herkese tavsiye ederim
Hakkı Irmak
Hakkı Irmak
22. March, 2024
Tekirdağ'dan gelerek dişlerine zirkonyum kaplama yaptırdım. Ceylan hoca çok tecrübeli ve kısa sürede estetik dişlere kavustum. Çok memnun kaldım. Golden smile ekibine teşekkürler.
Mclanhan Ndenga
Mclanhan Ndenga
21. March, 2024
I am from Nairobi, Kenya and I had dental implants and cosmetic dentistry in Golden Smile dent. Perfect work and friendly people who made my procedure very smooth. Keep up the good work
15. March, 2024
I had zirconium crowns done here,absolutely amazing experience,I would highly recommend the clinic,the staff were helpful and the new smile amazing
Raheam Hussain
Raheam Hussain
3. March, 2024
I came from The United Kingdom me and my mother. Perfect customer service and treatment. Wasn’t sure what to expect, the outcome exceeded my expectations. The whole process was clear, fast and perfect. Adam was amazing he was there 24/7 for doubt, queries, anything we needed. The procedure was perfect and the outcome amazing and we felt comfortable due to hospitality of Golden Smile Dent. Thank you Golden Smile Dent, we have a golden smile and something to smile for.
Martin Horvat
Martin Horvat
1. March, 2024
Friendly staff, professional and affordable service!
gemma watson
gemma watson
28. February, 2024
I'm so happy with the results! I have just come back from my week in Turkey and getting my teeth done with Golden Smile Dent and I couldn't be happier with my new smile! I had 20 zirconium crowns and needed some extra work done (root canals) once I was out there, the staff are so lovely and talk you through everything, Dr Natiga was so lovely and wouldn't let me leave until my teeth were perfect and that's exactly what they are! Thank you so much and we will be back for my friend's teeth very soon ❤️