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crowns in Turkey

Crowns Turkey

Crowns Turkey

In many instances there is simply insufficient tooth substance to allow the direct placement of fillings or veneers to disguise cracked and discoloured teeth. Crowning of such a tooth maybe the only viable option, to allow function and maintain premier aesthetics. Dental crowns after root canal treatment are common and can hold together portions of a fractured tooth, support dental bridges to fill gaps created by missing teeth and provide longevity to heavily restored teeth after a dental crown procedure. Some people refer to dental crowns as dental caps. Dental crowns are similar in shape to dental veneers except that crowns cover all the surfaces of a tooth whereas veneers only cover the visible outside surface of the tooth.

Without a doubt the most professional clinic. Female dentist who listened exactly to what I wanted - and fixed my teeth from very crooked, discoloured and prominent teeth - to a wonderfully natural smile - I cannot believe it is my own. Since my return to the UK - people people have not even guessed I have crowns in my teeth (I have 18 in total) because golden smile made smile look so natural !! Best clinic available - I was picked up by driver and every need catered for. Beautiful people - and the only clinic I would recommend to anyone. - I am happy for clinic to pass my number to anyone in UK who wants further info about this clinic or my experiences ..heather Mcknight

How Much Crowns Cost in Turkey

Crowns price between 170€ - 230 € as more then 60 -70 % lower when you compare with UK.

How Long It Will Take To Complete All Process

It is only 5-7 days process to complete everything

If I Need Dental Implants and Crowns Together?

In this way, we load dental implants and send you back to UK and after 3 months you should have second trip and stay 5 days to complete all process. We have also special dental implants and if you are suitable ( age, bone, your health..etc) then we finish all process in 10 days. We must check your X ray and other information if you eligible to go this process.

How Experience Your Dentists?

Golden Smile Dental clinics have dedicated experience dentists who only focus on implantology and cosmetic dentistry, this way our expert know much more better then normal dentist. Thats why our full name is Golden Smile implant & Aesthetic center.

When are zirconia crowns recommended?

  1. Zirconia crowns are utilized for aesthetic reasons to have a perfect smile
  2. To cover or replace teeth with severe discoloration resistant to ‘tooth whitening’ procedures
  3. As a treatment for genetic tooth replacement.
  4. To correct for ‘diastema,’ or crooked teeth, as an alternative to orthodontic treatment
  5. To restore teeth with caries or that have been previously filled
  6. To restore a deformed tooth
  7. Can be used as a bridge or veneer for molars
  8. As a front denture fixed to an implant, or implants

How long will a zirconia crown last?

Zirconia crowns can last for many long years and They rank among the strongest and most durable tooth crowns.

‘’2. If it’s 100% Zirconia, they are almost impossible to break. If it’s porcelain fused to Zirconia, the porcelain can break if it’s not thick enough. You should be careful about low price crowns if you